Maybe I can keep up this time?

Maybe I can keep up this time?

Haaa! We shall see!!

As part of my New Years resolution I’m trying to get better at chronicling the craziness of our lives.. (A month late… I know!)

Well, where to begin?!


1. YAY for no more football for a while 🙂

2. Sick baby AGAIN :/ They say bronchilitis… But I’m not soo sure.. I know, I’m the crazy person that “thinks” she knows better than the professionals, but tell me this.  How can a baby have bronchilitis and ONLY have wheezing as a symptom?? No runny nose, no cough, no sick baby (other than the wheezing.)  Because our office was closed late Friday night when we experienced the wheezing, I phoned the after-hours doctor and they informed me to immediately take him to the ER (weren’t we just here??!!).. An X-ray and a listen later he determines the “bronchilitis.”  Maybe he does have it and I’m completely crazy (not the first time!) but everything doesn’t add up.  I’m hoping our normal pediatrician will be able to enlighten me sometime this week!

3.  Question:  WHY are Oreos the devil??! I love to hate them 🙂


Here’s a picture from our little monkey today playing outside with his new truck.  Thanks to his Great-Papa and Great-Granny for the gift <3


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