Lucky # 7!!

Lucky # 7!!

I spent most the whole morning in awe of my sweet little boy!! Happy, playful, constantly running, sweet little thing!!  I love mornings like I had today.  Me and my boy and our jammies and not a care in the world <3

Then we had nap time………

My sweet loving little boy turned into a cranky, fussy devious little thing!! WHAT HAPPENED!!!??! Momma even resorted to Elmo to help calm his soul, still no luck :/  Eliot came home and we caught glimpses of our sweet little boy, but the fussiness still came and went.  It wasn’t until bath-time that we discovered “lucky # 7.”


HE CUT A NEW TOOTH!!!  Bottom left (his) side.  And this would explain why my boy was mood-swing central 🙂  It’s been sooo long since he last cut a tooth (last 1 was at 10.5 months) I almost forgot how “fun” it is 🙂


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