Just an update on Mr. Brayden:  Yesterday we saw the doctor about the “bronchiolitis.” She concluded that I was in-fact right, he doesn’t have it.

Apparently children can wheeze BEFORE showing other symptoms in they are coming down with a viral infection (which is what she guessing the pediatrician in the ER was thinking was going on.)  However, since he hasn’t shown ANY other symptoms and the wheezing seems to have subsided she concluded his wheezing was due to an allergy to something.  She said it could be ANYTHING.  New perfume, laundry soap, food etc… The only thing we can think of is that he was around a cat for the first time the day before. Everything else was the same and there’s no way of knowing 100% unless we expose him again.

Made me feel good that I wasn’t crazy 🙂  We get to discontinue the nebulizer and use as needed for the wheezing if it happens again in the future.  She referred us to an allergist at All Childrens who will help with the milk situation and look more into the pet allergy.  Hoping they can tell us exactly what part of milk he’s allergic to and give us meal building suggestions 🙂

Happy Hump Day!!

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