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15 weeks and counting…

15 weeks and counting…

This week marks the 15th week of pregnancy for us YAY!! I really can’t believe time has flown by soo quickly.  Finally there is no more all-day sickness, we’re sleeping better, and got to hear the little Peanut’s heart beat last week!  My food aversions and lack of opinion for food has really taken a toll on us though… I really didn’t think I could get any more picky about the food I eat.. BOY was I wrong!! I’ve become even more picky, and haven’t found much of anything that I love 🙁 I’m hoping that will change SOOON!!!!

This week also marks the beginning of “lizard season” at our house 🙂 Low Rider has been in HEAVEN with all the little baby lizards!! Meanwhile Eliot and I are looking into some form of lizard repellent (jk!)  He just sits at the back door and stares and whines because he wants to go hunt them down lol!! Thankfully, he hasn’t gotten one yet, if he did I think I might cry because all of them are little baby ones 🙂

The rain has also calmed down this week, and poor Bambi has finally been able to calm down since we haven’t had the daily thunder rumble 🙂 She is sooo terrified of the thunder that she hides anytime it rains or even sprinkles.. poor thing!!  Bambi has also been really excited this week, because Aunt Morgan is visiting us! Morgan is her FAVORITE person, I swear I think she loves her more than Eliot and I!!!

Here is this week’s picture of the belly bump!!